Monday, February 13, 2012

1000 tsumego challenge

This is the first post on where my goal is to get to 1d and help others do so as well. My first challenge for myself (and to you) is to do 1000 tsumego. tsumego are go problems which you must read ahead and find the best sequence for each player black to kill white or black to live. For example I sugguest you read
until you are sure that you have the best solution for each side. by reading I mean visualizing the results in your mind and 'seeing' what will happen. Try reading out every possible response from the other side to be sure of your result. I am currently using Cho's Encyclopedia of Life and Death Elementary
as a source for problems it's and I highly recommend it to you. At the time of this writing I am only on problem 58 of that collection. here is an example problem (which I made)

find the best possible solution for black and the best response for white have fun!
(hint if black doesn't live no matter what then your solution is wrong)