Friday, February 17, 2012

You play Go? what is Go?

14k today. yaya!

After a couple difficult matches I've finally made it to 14k.
I've been able to beat most 15ks for a while but now kgs recognizes me so that makes me happy.
Now moving back to tsumegos. I can't stop here or I won't make it anywhere.
Today one of my rivals who was 17k also advanced. So I'm not going tolet him catch me either.

Black's strategy in a 3-4 stone handicap game.

A common misconception for begginer players is that the advantage of a handicap game is the extra points you can get from the stones starting in place. The real advantage is that white must try to overcome that advantage and therefore play high risk deep deception attacks. A good strategy for black is to try to simplify the board as much as possible by settling the corners and sides. As black calmly addresses all of whites threats white will with growing frustration have to come up with even high risk high gain moves. At this point black should try to regocnize whites plot and punish it. In the end Black should seek to win by a few points.

Cool Beans: I'm a teacher!

My 3 year old brother agreed to me teaching him how to play go! In the past few days
he's learned how to: capture, count liberties, count territory and what constitutes a living group. Currently he is about 30k In a 19x19 games many of his moves seem to ignore what his opponant is doing.
But hopefully in a few months he will be able to play a respectable game. His name is lincoln and I expect him to be a great player someday. Teaching him is both fun and difficult as well as rewarding.
Wish me luck.