Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breaking news from ASR: kotomi has run out of icecream

Kotomi[-] (high dan) has run out of icecream. Fortunately she has marbles to play with.

In other news locals of asr have discovered the corner to be the safest terrain on the map (t19 excluded (t19 as tesuji excluded from the exclusion))

Kotomi: -eats words-
Fayt: now speak
Kotomi: -speaks
Fayt: good girl *gives ice cream*
Kotomi: YES
Kotomi: -takes and runs to corner and eats icecream o _ o
DukeDaniel: corner is safe
Kotomi: yep
Kotomi: safest place
DukeDaniel: well t19 isn't safe
DukeDaniel: but around the corner
Kotomi: ice cream all gone o _ o
DukeDaniel: o.o I better write an article about that
Kotomi: what?
DukeDaniel: on my go blog
Kotomi: oh o . o
Kotomi: ok
DukeDaniel: how do you feel about running out of icecream?
Fayt: "t19 isnt safe unless used as tesuji"  done
Kotomi: i ha\/e mar6les
Kotomi: : D
Kotomi: 110 fo them
Fayt: thats how
Kotomi: theres a green one and i call it the awesome green mar6le of doom o _ o
Kotomi: i also has 2 dollars in my room somewhere
Kotomi: : D
DukeDaniel: cool huh?
DukeDaniel: I have about 80 readers a day so
DukeDaniel: everyone will know now
Kotomi: my room is a messsssssssss
Kotomi: this is the first time in ......... 8 years?
Fayt: should see mine
MrEmDash: hello my friends


Ok, so we've all heard so many different things about joseki. Joseki are like 9p moves, Joseki are bad for beginners. If you can't understand each move in the sequence then you won't proceed and will have a fatal error.
The pros don't always use Joseki. Learn joseki lose 4 stones. Don't memorize. etc etc etc.
So for the average j=Joe what do we do with joseki? I study joseki this way. Pick a point 3,4; 4,4; 5,3 etc and look at a few joseki for it. Try to figure out why each moves is played and the overall effect it has on the board. Then when you are playing  a game try attacking someones stones approaching the way they did in a Joseki. Try it out several times and get the hang of it.
This is a great way to learn how to get good at attacking corners. After that the next step is to learn how to defend your corners. Once you understand allot of the joseki for a point you get a good idea of how you can defend the corner and get a good overall advantage from your defending moves.

Here is a really interesting website of my friend's he has some cool stuff and a good joseki study page.