About Myself

Real Name : Daniel Postma
KGS Name : DukeDaniel
Email : nukermage@gmail.com
location : Sadly, I'm most consistently found at my computer.
location on earth: U.S. Michigan
Credit Card #: 5435989025945 (Wait! Whoever made this form was trying to trick me.)
Age: 17
Birthday: The 28th of the month that =  (2013 + 987)/18*3

Now you have all these bits and pieces of information about me, but WHO AM I?
Now I give you the answer. People call me Daniel. I enjoy programming, writing, playing Go and various other exploits. I love to eat, but I have an allergy to any food containing gluten. Gluten inhabits all foods made from wheat, rye, and/or barely; I usually end up coking my own food.

When I said that I program, I really meant I program, design, make the art and music, and market video games. I have another blog that those video games can be viewed on called nukermage.blogspot.com. 

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