My journey from 30k-1d

Hello there everyone. I started go in September of 2011. I first got into it after watching the anime 'Hikaru no go' which automatically makes me one of those 'guys who just joined for a minute 'cus of some T.V. show' and while I did join because of an anime I've actually grown to like the game for what it is.
The first place I played go was on kgs and I played about 50 games that first month. By that time I was about 19k and I decided my rival was a guy named 'Sparks' who was 17k. I played about 6 or 7 matches with him and then I forgot about go for a while.

A few months later (December) I was watching Netflix when I saw Hikaru no go under recently watched. That's when I remembered about how much fun go was. Since then I've been playing on kgs almost daily and my goal is to get to 1 dan. I've made many more rivals on kgs recently. Also I've challenged myself to do 1000 tsumego to help me get to my goal to 1d. I am currently 15k and working my way up. I plan to add my tsumego results and rank here weekly for example today.

Feb 14 2012
kgs rank: 15k
tsumego #55

Wow, I've really let this page go, it's been a little over 2 years since I've updated this.
Since this I've done thousands of tsumego, quit go, started playing again, written
tons of articles and read even more. I got to about 9k at the end of last year
and have been hovering around there,  I kind of lost some of my motivation
and have a hard time believing I'll actually be able to be a pro player. I
do think that some day my passion will be reignited for go, and I'll
continue to post the things I'm learning about go here on my blog.

May 5th 2014
kgs rank: 7k
tsumego: over 9000