Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Memorize 100 Masters Games

I was recently challenged by Ikebrawler, who is my sensei/teacher/friend/tomodachi what have you, to memorize professional games as a way to improve my game. As you all know by now I'm never one to pass up a challenge and as usual I have quantified the challenge and am approaching it systoporadically (systematically/sporadically).

Memorize 100 masters games at least 150 moves deep
Have them in working knowledge all at one time

So far I have 3 games Memorized. I'm picking my games from GoKifu.com, but you can get them from wherever (yes I am assuming you are joining me in this challenge). I mainly look for ones that end in +0.5 so that they are fairly close. You can also look for games from your favorite pros. 

Memorized games so far

Many go players believe that memorizing games is basically useless toward improving your go, however most of professionals advise it and Insei (young people in go schools) do it as part of their training.
In in interview with the late Hans Pietsch (a German go player who moved to japan to be part of the insei program) he says  

"From my experience, for amateurs, where there is still a lot that can be improved, the method to memorize games is very helpful. Of course it depends on how hard you are willing to work in order to improve. Memorizing means that you have to be able to play many games to the 150th move within 5 minutes. The meaning of that is not on a rational, logical level. You are trying to reach a deep point in your brain where you develop a feeling for shape and position. This is going to help you especially during the fuseki. 

Check out the complete article a  http://361points.com/hans/

I'm sure your tired of reading my ranting by now good luck!