Saturday, April 21, 2012

150 out of the way.

after an exhausting 9 hours I've finally finished my 150 Tsumego for the day.
here's the story.
At 11:35 I began on Cho Chikun's Encyclopedia of Life and Death elementary problem 150. I went for about an hour and ended somewhere around 180. I took a break read my bible, ate breakfast, drank a smoothie, and got back to work.
finally around 3:00 when I was on problem 220 and was incredibly tired of Tsumego I found a thread on the internet that suggested listening to music while you do problems. It was amazing. I downloaded Spotify and started listening to phantom of the Opera. my pace tripled and here I am at 8:15 finished with problem 300.
Thank you Lifein19x19 community! Well that's about it. I'll tell you where I am at tomorrow evening.

Tsumego with a fury

I've decided I won't play on kgs until I have done 150 tsumego for the day
and that I'll keep that up atleast untill I've finished cho chikun's elementary go collection.
so far so good I've done 28 problems today and its only noon.
wish me luck. The long road is ahead. I'll post again when I've finished this goal.
my current rank on kgs is 10k  but I've changed it to - for the duration of this experiment.