Friday, February 17, 2012

You play Go? what is Go?

Hey out there to all you people who ask this question. Go is a board game. It was first played in China.
There is an anime about go.

Q: what kind of board game is it? like monopoly?
A: no its a strategy boardgame
Q: Like battleships?
A: no more like chess.
Q: oh so its the same as chess.
A: no not really, but it might attract the same kind of players. Its a 19x19 board.
Q: is it hard to capture the king on a 19x19 board?
A: no you can't capture the king, there is no king, all the pieces are the same 'rank'
Q: How many pieces start on the board?
A: usually 0 but up to 9 in there is a big difference in skill between the 2 players
Q: maybe you should just show me...
This is a go board

There are 361 possibilities for your first move but more like 55 because of symmetry.
Q: o.o what do the pieces look like
A: small flat stones, black and white.
Q: who goes first?
A: black
Q: whats the goal?
A: to surround empty spaces.
Q: so you said something about capturing
A: if all the spaces in a linear position adjacent to a piece are taken by the other player then that piece is captured and removed from the board. If a player places one of his own stones next to his stone then they now share their open positions or 'liberties'.
Q: cool, how can I learn more?
A: you could play go on or you could whatch the show hikaru no go on netflix or something. Or you could check out the rest of my blogs and the sites that I link too.
Q: can I play against you?
A: Yes, if you go on you can play against me. My username is dukedaniel

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