Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rival Grindy[5k-4k]: upcoming match

A match between me and my considerable stronger rival Grindy is coming up on may 31st (this year (2012(AD not BC))). Which means I have about a month left of training. Grindy is, like me, also working on tsumego. He is trying a new method of tsumego to try to boost his reading level even further. instead of just doing the problems, he looks at the problem, turns away, tries to re-create the problem in his visual mind, and solve the problem without looking at the book.  While his method may or may not be superior to mine, his pace seems much slower as I've done about 1600 problems in 10 days and he's done about 600. Feel free to watch the match. Tickets are 0$ (USD) and the time is so casual it is unspecified as of now.

1 comment:

  1. Man, i saw your game vs Grindy and… i think you got some really bad habbits from tsumego. Kinda dark side, yeah. Like gote eye-stealing stuff from not enclosed groups, for example. Be careful ^^