Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lee Sedol Vs Alpha Go Poll

In march 2016, this year, a series of 5 games between Lee Sedol and the up and coming super computer AlphaGo will be played.

Many people believe that AlphaGo has cracked Go and that it will beat Lee.

If AlphaGo wins, the dreams of many programmers will be fulfilled in terms of what AI can accomplish, however the spirits of many go players will be crushed under the weight of AI dominating human capacity.

In either case, the game is ushering in much new excitement in the go world and bringing more people's curiosity to the game.

Furthermore, it is bringing in a new age to the Go world, a world where go players will possibly have an even higher challenge than beating Lee Sedol. 

Some worry that with the age of computer go, many will be able to fake their ranking by playing against a computer on one tab and playing against humans on another tab to use the computer's strength to artificially sky-rocket their rank.

My heart is bent on Lee Sedol, who, for the first time in years, is finally getting the chance to be seen as the underdog in an event.

What results do you expect will happen?

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